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SAT Test Prep Class Registration 2022

 Juniors - Reach your full potential on the SAT!

 This year, an SAT Prep class will be offered by Lakes Community High School to current juniors and taught by District 117 teachers. The objective of the class is to learn and practice test-taking strategies in preparation for the SAT exam within the comfort of familiar surroundings and content teachers. Students will attend a series of sessions that will acquaint them with the expectations of the test, enabling them to analyze their own results on the practice test, and sharpen their understanding of key skills covered on the test.

Scores from the SAT exam are used for college admissions and scholarship applications.  Lakes will offer two time frames to accommodate students involved in athletics and activities.  The first session is from 3:30 – 4:30 pm and will be held in person.  The second session is from 5:30 – 6:30 pm and will be held virtually.  There is a national SAT scheduled for all LCHS juniors on April 13, 2022, so the SAT Prep class will take place in February and March to provide ample preparation time.  

New this year:  We will be hosting a SAT Booster session on April 6th to answer any last questions and revisit testing strategies.

SAT Prep Class Schedule                   

Session Preference Options:     3:30– 4:30 PM   (in person)    or      5:30–6:30 PM   (via Google Meet) 

Content Options:     Math only: $45     English only:  $45       Both:  $80

Register by Friday, January 21, 2022 

1. Click on this link to register and select session times

2. Pay via RevTrak under “Optional Fees” 

Test Prep (SAT) - Math Only or English Only $45

Test Prep (SAT) - Both $80

Both steps are required to be fully registered.

Contact Gina Bedessem ( with payment questions

If you have any SAT Prep questions, or need to move sessions due to activities, please contact Ms. Balcer,  or Ms. Liarakos,

Registration Form: 2022 SAT Prep Registration