Dear Parents,

· Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of adult death in the United States; however, it does not just affect adults.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest takes the lives of thousands of children and young adults every year.

·  In 2005, Max Schewitz died without warning from a hidden heart condition at 20 years of age.  HeartSmart EKG helps find at-risk young adults so they can seek treatment and not share Max’s fate.   

·  HeartSmart EKG has tested almost 100,000 young adults and referred over 900 for additional testing.  

·  The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous new problems in our society on multiple levels. One is the potential for cardiac complications with possible lethal consequences. 

·  EKG's are not routinely done on seemingly healthy young adults in our communities.  A painless, simple and non-invasive EKG detects 94% of high-risk individuals compared to 20% detected by a physician discussing family history or 9% by physical examination.  We think it’s worth looking for these kids!

Screening will be offered on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2021 to all Lake Community High School Students.  

Testing includes an EKG for all participants.

  • Testing includes an EKG for all participants. Students will be tested during PE or Health.  Students with a PE exemption will be tested during Study Hall.
  • Students selected by the cardiologist will also receive an echocardiogram for no additional cost. 
  • Only students with permission, which is granted through the online registration process, will be tested.
  • Because the heart changes over time, even previously tested students should register for testing.
  • Testing costs are $20 per student or $5 per student if your student is on the free and reduced lunch program. 
  • Payment is required at time of registration and no refunds will be issued.  If your student is not tested, your registration fee will be considered a donation to save other students. 

Please register your student(s) at:  www.HeartSmartEKG.org.   Registration will close on Tuesday, October 19th at NOON.  No walk-ins will be accepted. HeartSmart EKG is provided by the Max Schewitz Foundation. 

·  Every effort is made to respect privacy and modesty. Testing takes place in private booths.  Males and females are tested separately and students do not remove their shirt for EKG testing.

· Cardiologist Eli Lavie, MD oversees all aspects of testing and interpretation. 

·  Due to COVID-19, we have implemented protocols for the safety of our staff and students. No parent volunteers will be utilized.  The Max Schewitz Foundation staff has been fully vaccinated and will be handling testing of all students.  All MSF staff and students will be required to wear masks at all times and cleaning protocols will be in place.  

·  Results are confidential and are shared only with parents within 2 weeks after testing through HeartSmart EKG’s online portal. Included in the results will be a copy of the EKG so families have it for future reference.

Please register online today:  www.HeartSmartEKG.org.

For more information, contact Kathy Aykroid at 847-736-8140 or visit the Foundation’s website at www.HeartSmartEKG.org.